„ELPIDA“ for Iraklia

During my summer holidays in 2012 the hard effects of the austerity were clearly showing and inspired me to initiate some help. With my photography I found the perfect fund raising tool to give something back and thus support these wonderful people. We decide together how to use the money best, and the people of Iraklia always contribute a considerable share by volunteered work or donations!!! All detailed information with pictures in our newsletters.

Since July 2012 we were able to raise € 32.938,00 together with a generous and dedicated „fan group“ from all over Europe, thus supporting or enabling the following:

  • Schools: Paper, colours and other materials for creativity, games * Roof repair (water damage) * Interactive Whiteboard & Beamer * chairs * shelves * Exkursions to Athen & Mykonos * Supplies for the chemistry lab
  • Health care: Fax and cartridges for the doctor´s office * Medication and equipment * Payments to the care fund of an elderly lady * Since 2013 the Austrian organization www.griechenlandhilfe.at has been providing all kinds of medical supplies for the whole island in irregular intervals    
  • Families: Food parcels * Sanitary materials * Financial support for special needs  
  • Infra structure: Solar lamps * Repair and renovation of walls and roads * facelift for beaches * ELPIDA signs
  • Environment: Ecological bags to reduce plastic waste * Tamarisk trees for climate
  • Animal care: Sterilisation of wild living cats


Read more: Elpida project


Here you will find the lastest newsletters for the project "Elpida" for download. If you want to subscrible to the newsletter, please contact me. 

1. Newsletter Elpida
2. Newsletter Elpida short review
2. Newsletter long version
3. Newsletter Elpida 
4. Newsletter Elpida 
5. Newsletter Elpida
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6. Newsletter Elpida 
7. Newsletter Elpida
7. Newsletter Elpida (short info)
8. Newsletter Elpida (short info)
8. Newsletter Elpida 
9. Newsletter Elpida 
9. Newsletter Elpida 
10. Newsletter Elpida
11. Newsletter Elpida
11. Newsletter Elpida 
12. Newsletter Elpida 
13. Newsletter Elpida (NEW)
13. Newsletter Elpida (NEW - short info)

Projekt Elpida


How you can support us ...

· Share this information with your friends
· Contribute to our funds (once or continuously)
· Visit our show
· Buy or sell our stationary
· Organize a fund raising event or
· Contact us with an interested host
· Subscribe to our newsletter
· Most valuable of all – spend your holidays on Iraklia and encourage your friends to go there as well!


Ευχαριστώ πολύ! (Evcharistó polí = Many thanks!)

Beauties of Iraklia

It´s 25 years now that I´ve spent my summer holidays on the tiny little Greek Island of Iraklia in the middle of the Aegean Sea  (www.iraklia.gr). About 140 people live there on roughly 18 square kilometers. Holidays close to nature and the heartwarming Greek hospitality have made this small paradise into a precious and powerful spot for me to recharge my energies and lift up my spirits.

Through the years my enthusiasm for the sea increased, and my passion for wild life photography took new flights in Poseidon´s kingdom. You get a very personal and “female” look at a tiny little spot of underwater Greece – aesthetic, emotional, sensual. Since I have become a passionate snorkeller  and free diver there, my very specialty is that all my pictures were taken without scuba diving equipment in the uppermost ten meters below sea level.

I offer full length picture shows about Iraklia's Beauties - on land and especially in the sea, as well as about the project Elpida.

Read more: Beauties of Iraklia
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