Stationery "My Aegean Sea"


Drucksorten Ägäis

Since 1990 I´ve spent my summer holidays on the tiny little Greek Island of Iraklia in the middle of the Aegean Sea. ( About 140 people live there on roughly 18 square kilometers. Holidays close to nature and the heartwarming Greek hospitality have made this small paradise into a precious and powerful spot for me to recharge my energies and lift up my spirits.

Through the years my enthusiasm for the sea increased, and my passion for wild life photography took new flights in Poseidon´s kingdom. I have become a passionate snorkeler and free diver and all my pictures were taken without scuba diving equipment in the uppermost ten meters below sea level.

Here you find stationery with my favorite motifs for ordering from my printer. (Exceptions: the calendar “Aegean Glimpses” is sold out and “Star Parade” can be ordered directly from me – minimum 5 each.)

Exclusive presents - Large Size Pictures on Canvas

Bookmarks Iraklia

Cards & Pads - Just Water
Cards & Pads - Sun Dance
Cards & Pads - Sea Bed
Cards & Pads - In Shadow's Kingdom
Cards & Pads - Timeless Beauties
Cards & Pads - Santorini

Cards Iraklia Land - Sights
Cards Iraklia Land - At The Seaside
Cards Iraklia Land - Animals and Plants
Cards Iraklia Land - Rock, Wood and Salt

Perpetual calendar Aegean Glimpses - SOLD OUT!!
Perpetual calendar Blue and White - Colours of Greece
Perpetual calendar Star Parade - SOLD OUT!
Perpetual calendar Timeless Beauties
NEW: Perpetual calendar Iraklia

Catalogue MEINE ÄGÄIS –
Iraklia´s Underwater World  

Here you find my best underwater motifs. 

catalogue part 1: Just water
catalogue part 2: Sundance
catalogue part 3: Scenery
catalogue part 4: Cave colours
catalogue part 5: Timeless Beauties

From all these you can create and order your own products:

· Prints on cardboard or canvas 
· Calendars
· Cards
· Pads
· Bookmarks
· Puzzles

Stationery "My Country throughout the year"

Drucksorten Österreich

Here you find stationery with Austrian motifs. You can order them with the number from my printer. All collections are constantly updated.

Frühling - Spring
Almsommer - Alpine Summer
Garten- und Zimmerpflanzen/Garden- and Indoor Plants
Goldener Herbst - Golden Autumn
Weihnachten - Christmas
Winter und Weihnachten - Winter and Christmas (landscape mode)
Water - Lake and pond, brook and dew
Heiligenblut am Großglockner

Annual calendar Blütenträume 2016 (Floral Dreams 2016) - available in two sizes: 40x30 cm & 31x23 cm
Annual calendar Blütenträume 2015 (Floral Dreams 2015)
Perpetual calendar Alpenblumen (Apline Flowers)
NEW: Perpetual calendar Blumenwelten (Flower dreams)
NEW: Perpetual calendar Heiligenlbut

Exclusive presents - Large Size Pictures on Canvas

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