Beauties of Iraklia

It´s 25 years now that I´ve spent my summer holidays on the tiny little Greek Island of Iraklia in the middle of the Aegean Sea  ( About 140 people live there on roughly 18 square kilometers. Holidays close to nature and the heartwarming Greek hospitality have made this small paradise into a precious and powerful spot for me to recharge my energies and lift up my spirits.

Through the years my enthusiasm for the sea increased, and my passion for wild life photography took new flights in Poseidon´s kingdom. You get a very personal and “female” look at a tiny little spot of underwater Greece – aesthetic, emotional, sensual. Since I have become a passionate snorkeller  and free diver there, my very specialty is that all my pictures were taken without scuba diving equipment in the uppermost ten meters below sea level.

I offer full length picture shows about Iraklia's Beauties - on land and especially in the sea, as well as about the project Elpida.

· A feature-length picture show with some music (Powerpoint presentation) emphasizing nature´s beauties on land and especially in the sea.
· Cards, pads, bookmarks and calendars for sale with my best underwater motifs.
· Free entrance – your donations are very welcome!
· All the profit goes to my little social project Elpida-for-Iraklia.
· Shorter shows are available according to your choice


Crystal clear waters that feel like velvet. Small beaches invite with smooth sands or polished pebbles. Rough rocky cliffs hide their feet somewhere deep down in the „Big Blue“. They all serve with perfect conditions for outdoor freaks as well as for a huge variety of amazing creatures: curious fish, colourful nudibranch, shy crab, delicate jellyfish, perfectly camouflaged and playful octopus, elegant anemones and many kinds of starfish make you sense the width of biodiversity. This part of the Mediterranean is not really famous with big fish. It rather fascinates with small beauties that show themselves to everyone who can slow down to quiet movement and peaceful observation.

Often it´s love at second sight. No way to resist the temptation of exploring overhanging rocks, dark caves, shadowy crevices and dim grottoes. These spots provide shelter for slow-growing sponges and other invertebrates. With torch or flash they explode to an incredible firework of breathtaking colours and amazing shapes. Furthermore they provide a refuge for nocturnal species…

The island fascinates on land as well: Two picturesque small villages, one at the sheltered harbor and the other on the mountain, an ancient castle ruin and one of Greece´s largest stalactite caves, impressive rock formations along the coast and last but not least a wide spectrum of animals and plants…

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